It was just another Sunday bbq at the Bunch household that turned into one of the greatest sporting events featuring man versus beast in a decade.

Local pit bull “Panda” challenged her owner to a series of tug of war games when she refused to give up her yellow glazed donut dog toy.

The challenge was accepted by her owner, local blogger, Michael Bunch. Bunch seemed to think he could win the match while filming with one hand! This may have cost him the match. He dropped the first game in under 30 seconds, with the second going 60 seconds without a winner, thus a draw.

Link to game #1 –

Link to game #2 –

The pivotal game three match was hard fought, for a moment, it seemed Bunch would force a game 3 in this best of three series, but alas, with an unexpected late game head shake, Panda was able to pull free the rope and claim victory, despite Bunch using one of his children to film the event.

Panda aka “Murder Dawg”

The yellow glazed donut, emblematic of the welterweight tug of war champion of Santa Clarita will remain in the custody of the champion, although promoters are already working on a rematch or possible giving another family member a chance at the title.

Link to decisive game #3 –

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