What daily habit do you do that improves your quality of life?

Recently my girlfriend and I started eating a plant-based diet. The results have been pretty amazing. She suffers from Ehlers Denlo syndrome and had been in a lot of pain. Additionally, my cholesterol was too high, along with several other indicators. So we decided to try the plant based diet.

We had watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix about how many people were having much better health on the plant based diet. The first documentary we watched was called What the Health. This documentary went into why we eat meat and how much influence industry has had over that recommendation over the years. The second was Gamechangers. This documentary went into detail about the science supporting plant based diets including how a lot of athletes are turning to plant based diets to improve performance.

Here we are four months later and both of us are feeling better. My girlfriend’s inflammation is significantly lower which has recharged her energy levels. I have lost about 20 pounds and no longer crave red meat. We still eat meat occasionally, but it is seafood or chicken typically. I highly recommend this dietary change.

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  1. This is great to hear Mike!
    How do you stay consistent with your dieting?

    1. I am an athlete as well and I know that my overall health will dictate how long I get to do the things I love, so that helps motivate me. The success I have had doesn’t hurt either, that makes me want to keep going with it. I also see that my kids are eating healthier now, so that is a big plus as well.

  2. My family too we have been vegetarian organics and fish only and raw food mostly and raw juices .It’s really a plus when the children are on board with healthy eating.

    1. After 45 years, I finally feel like I am in control of my weight.

      1. Great and good for you, just eat to be healthy and weight will be controlled effortless.make green tea your ritual after lunch and dinner for digestion.

      2. Funny you mention green tea. I started drinking matcha tea instead of coffee over the summer. Another thing that makes me feel better!

      3. Great for digestion and hear health.

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  4. Healthy eating is so important to my mental wellbeing! Chicken is a big part of my diet as are vegetables and fruits. My husband is mostly on board but he’s on his own for lunch….but even that is at one of our healthy takeouts! He’s lost 10-15 pounds in the last 9 months and it was so subtle he didn’t realize it! I have reached a comfortable weight that I am comfortable in my clothes and am buying smaller sizes when I shop.

    1. Yeah, I my gf and I did a lot of keto when we first met, but I didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy. I am feeling much better now. I read a book called “The Fit For Life Diet” when I was an athlete and am basically following that now. Fruit in the morning, Veggies in the afternoon and one lean meat possibly at night, although the veggie supplements are just as good so we have started eating those more.

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