I would re-live my 20’s probably if I had the chance. It was a wonderful time, but I could have made better choices, had more fun, and broadened my horizons with a few key decisions.

I lived in San Diego and Mammoth Lakes for a good chunk of my 20’s, became a father and Mr. Bunch towards the tail end of them, and struggled with finding my true self.

I had great friends, and amazing experiences, became a bit of a writer, and had some great and not-so-great relationships. I was always at one party or another, living a crazy life, but I always put away a little bit of my efforts towards a better future, which really paid off for me. I definitely could of been a little wiser on some things, but I made some excellent decisions on others.


Discussion Questions

If you could re-live a part of your life, which part would it be?

Which decisions do you think would have been different in hindsight?

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