Sandy Koufax, a local bearded dragon and avid television watcher really enjoyed Seasons 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of the popular television “Alone”. There was a lot of interesting insects to watch and some very large grasshoppers that the hoomans would use to fish. Season Three of “Alone” featured a team challenge where the hoomans had to find each other and then survive “Alone”. The problem, it rained everyday, so the there was a lack of insects in the show. Additionally, the hoomans had trouble finding each other because of the density of the Vancouver Island forest, which made the season somewhat anti-climatic.

Local Brarded Dragon showing frustration with Season Three of Alone

When asked for comments Mr. Koufax’s beard turned black with rage. Luckily, season four in Mongolia has been much better, with lots of insects and hoomans doing stupid things. Furthermore, Mr. Koufax stated that he would consider applying for the show if it was in Australia. He said he would be “….. a natural.”

Mr. Koufax viewing season four of “Alone”

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    1. Thanks! My subject was a little feisty but we seemed to of worked it out with a few extra worms😂

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