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Describe your ideal week.

 If you want more luck, take more chances.

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Monday – Win the Lottery – at Least a Billion Dollars

Monday of my ideal week would start with a win of the Super Lotto here in California, when it is just north of $1 Billion dollars, or I could probably make due with a little under. I would immediately start writing checks for every charity I could think of. I would then walk around L.A. handing out money to all the homeless people, throw the money in the from a helicopter perhaps.

In the evening, I would write sizeable checks to each of our local schools sports programs. Maybe take the family out to Red Lobster for dinner, you know, go crazy!

Tuesday – Sunday – The Gameplan

This would be where I would spoil the heck out of my students in my class, maybe rent Dodger Stadium for the day, or the Zoo or something, have some high name talent (the good role model ones) visit them, shake their hands, autograph some baseballs. We would finish the day by going to Children’s Hospital in L.A. and visiting those kids to make sure they got everything they possible wanted.

In class, every time a kid answered a question right, they would get a PS5 or Xbox One, because…why not? We would have an all day buffet running for the whole school each day in the gym, with live music at lunch. All clubs and sports programs would be at least $1 million in the positive. I would also build a nice autoshop and pool on campus, as well as our own stadium with lights (we have to play our home games at a different school).


The Aftermath

Maybe I would save enough to buy a house for my family as well and get them some cool stuff, put away some money for college, but spend the rest. I think this would be the idealist of ideal weeks for me!

Wrapping It Up – My Ideal Week….Win the Lottery and Give it all Away

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  1. Title speaks it all about, just wow and wonderful thoughts of giving it away 😇👌

      1. Of course would be a wonderful fun 🤗

  2. You have this all planned out, don’t you, Mr. Bunch-? ALRIGHT!!!!! 😀

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