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Create an emergency preparedness plan.

How To Plan For Emergency Preparedness

Desperate times call for desperate measures my friends….My emergency preparedness plan involves a detailed survival plan called, get the heck out of the city. Find a nice piece of land somewhere with few people and live off the land. Utilize key assets (pets) and fish like a madman! Cities scare the heck out of me for several reasons.

For one, most cities do not have enough food or accessible drinking water, for the population for an extended period. What happens once the food runs out in a city, nothing good. If technology were to fail completely, or the power grid went off line, it would be a matter of days before total anarchy reigned in the most populous areas.

My Plan

I have a few places picked out in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that I would stand a decent chance of surviving on, with my family for a longer extended period. My training for this is watching all the seasons of Alone. I can make a chair out of some wood, a home out of a tarp, and eat squirrels…maybe not squirrels so much, but fish for sure. I would have to bring at least 15 fishing poles and of course, the pellet gun, maybe some clothes too.

Survivors! by Ian Paterson is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

A Highly Trained Warrior

We could live in the hills and become a guerilla army fighting against the Soviet Union if they invaded, except instead of the high school logo being “Wolverines” it would be “Grizzlies”. I have trained extensively for this as well, by watching many movies over the years and playing video games. I would also wear a black and red uniform in honor of the “Black Knight” in “Monte Python”.

Medieval knight, vintage soldier illustration

I think we would have to completely disconnect from all computers and technology because obviously, machines would be our most likely opponent if this conflict were to take place. We could call our camp Battlestar Galactic-duh or something like that, in honor of the highly acclaimed sci-fi series.

Roles On The Team

My pets would serve as security to keep us safe. Our pit bull who is afraid of kittens sounds really tough from a distance, but the one you have to watch out for is the golden retriever “family dog”. She has two confirmed skunk kills. The cats would make sure if we were to pass away that our bodies would not go to waste. Sandy, my bearded dragon, would make sure no insects were in the camp, an invaluable service to a campsite.


Maybe I won’t wait for a disaster after all, this sounds like a pretty good plan! Everyday life has enough disasters in it to warrant these actions, what do you think?

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  1. Beats my initial idea of hiding under the dining room table. Squirrel ughhh, rabbit maybe.

    1. I am well, how about yourself?

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