What brings you peace?

Getting up early and “putting the work in”. I feel a deep sense of pride when win that all important first battle of the day with the snooze button.

Some days, it is getting to work before anyone else, sometimes working on my personal well being through weight training, yoga, or running.

It is like when I was younger and I would be the first kid at baseball practice. By the time everyone else got there, I was already laced up taking ground balls, extra swings, and getting after it.

Day after day, week after week, those extra hours turn into the difference between success and failure.

These days, it’s listening to motovation Al videos, doing something that sucks everyday, and purging the negativity of the previous day so I can be the best teacher I can be, the best father, the best friend, etc.

Some days I lose this battle, but every time I win it, it builds confidence and strength that I can do it again.

Another beautiful morning at Bunch fitness!


  1. Hi Mike,

    What an inspiring post. I just love getting up early, oftentimes before the sun rises and going out for a walk. I just love the quiet. It sets the tone for my whole day.


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