NASA's Sample Return Robot Challenge (NASA, Centennial Challenges, 06/11/14)

Artificial Intelligence and Technology in General Fascinate Me

I think the main topics I would like to be more informed about would be artificial intelligence and technology in general....


My Top Five Ways to Relax

I am a very active person, so I guess it is not all that surprising that most of my things I do to relax involve activities. Nature for me is the great healer, finding some way to interact with nature, usually provides me with great joy. Not to say that I don't enjoy time spent with the boys.


Savoring Life’s Sweet Moments: 5 Things That Never Fail to Make Me Smile

Joy can be a difficult thing to find at times with all the trials and tribulations of life. Some of my most joyful moments have come on the back end of great sorrow, disappointment, and difficulty. I don't know if you can have one without the other. To truly understand joy, you must understand some degree of suffering to appreciate joy.

silhouette photography of person standing on green grass in front of mountains during golden hour

Feeling Pretty Pumped

“Those days when you get up early, you work hard, even though you don’t feel like it, that is actually the dream” Kobe Bryant

Dynamic Earth - Ocean Currents

Sunset Reminds me of the Mysteries and Beauty of Life

Sunset reminds me of the mysteries and beauty of life when I take the time to appreciate it. Living near the beach in Los Angeles, the sunsets that can be seen there, perhaps rival any other. The different hues of pink, orange, purple, and blue going off into a near sighted infinity until they meet with the seas reflection brings moments of stillness, or quietness, of awe.

Perseid Meteor Shower Begins Tonight

A History of the Famous Perseid Meteor Shower and 6 Tips For Watching This Event Tonight!

The Perseid meteor shower, a celestial event that has captivated the imagination of skywatchers for centuries, is set to unveil its luminous display tonight. For followers of my blog and enthusiasts of the cosmos alike, this is an opportune moment to delve into the rich history that has shaped the Perseid meteor shower into the awe-inspiring phenomenon it is today.

'Come on Chloe. Let's go into the shade.'

Turning the Page on Your Child’s Childhood… A Bittersweet Day

Today I registered my daughter for her senior year in high school. It sounds cheesy, but I remember when she was just a tiny little thing crawling on the floor, banging on things and laughing. Now we are worried about what classes to take, driving, and college. Seventeen years ago, I also started my full-time teaching career. I suppose it has not been all that typical.

Empty running track and field

How to Run Safely when it is Really Hot Outside….A Guide for You and Your Dog

As a lifelong athlete as well as coach, I have had many days where I have had to practice or play on exceptionally hot days. Some days it feels like the sun will melt you in your uniform or training gear like a runny egg into your shoes. On these days, it is critical to practice awareness in regard to preventing overheating, heatstroke, and sunburns.


Anyone up for a debate?

This is both an informative post about the current Tik-Tok ban and a invitation to a "Civil Discussion" or debate. Feel free to comment, question, just keep it respectful!


Self-Care Comes in Many Forms

I spent some time reflecting on what the keys are to self-care for me. It is a constant struggle, but this is what generally works for me.


Out of Control Golfers

Allegedly, last weekend there were two serious accidents at Tierra Rejada golf course and two DUI's given out.


The Importance of Self Love – An Attainable Goal

Self Love is vital to being able to connect with others. I decided to make a article with a few resources including the new Spider-Man song titled, "self-love" linked in. Listen to the song as you read! Thanks for considering throwing a like, comment or subscribe my way!



Living life with gratitude is most important to truly enjoying it. This can never be taken away.


The Ideal Form of Government

The search for the best form of government remains an ongoing and dynamic quest. No single system can guarantee perfection, as societal needs, cultural contexts, and historical circumstances vary. Nevertheless, by combining the strengths and mitigating the weaknesses of different models, we can strive to create an optimal form of governance that promotes individual liberties, fosters social progress, ensures economic prosperity, and upholds the principles of justice and equality.