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What’s your favorite time of day?

Sunset reminds me of the mysteries and beauty of life when I take the time to appreciate it. Living near the beach in Los Angeles, the sunsets that can be seen there, perhaps rival any other. The different hues of pink, orange, purple, and blue going off into a near sighted infinity until they meet with the seas reflection brings moments of stillness, or quietness, of awe.

Sunset in the mountains can also be equally amazing. The clouds, the trees, the color, the vibrancy of it all; a reminder that our existence remains very much a beautiful mystery, an undiscovered quantity. Fly fishing on a river, watching nature go about its daily grind, being a part of it and yet my own consciousness, appreciating those moments as the water swirls by, the fish rise to take their evening meal…..not much better than that.

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Discussion Questions: What is your favorite time of day? Who do you spend it with? What makes it special?

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    1. Not too bad for a history guy!

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