Did you know you can get a DUI in a golf cart?

Tierra Rejada golf course, Simi Valley, California

I was playing golf at Tierra Rejada golf course on Tuesday with a friend and two other gentlemen who said they played the course fairly regularly. I was telling them that I liked golfing during the week because there isn’t much of a crowd and one gentlemen, told me some rather interesting things. Apparently, over the weekend, a golf cart driver was very under the influence and ran into another golf cart, causing the one of the occupants to fly out of the cart, who was a minor. Both golf carts were badly damaged and the minor was taken to the hospital. The driver of the cart was allegedly arrested and given a DUI (which I did not know you could get in a golf cart). On the same weekend, another person drove their cart into the clubhouse dark gray double french-doors which were open, scattering merchandise everywhere. This individual supposedly also received a DUI. Apparently the arresting officers, came out in a golf cart to arrest the first individual and no I am not making this up. I will look into the details and see if I can verify this, but it was an interesting story to say the least! Feel free to like, comment, and subscribe!

What are your thoughts on this?