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What could you try for the first time?

I have always wanted to try surfing. I have used boogie boards, body boards, and skim boarded, but never surfed. Living in Southern California most of my life, this is somewhat surprising.

I have had some pretty gnarly wipeouts though in the ocean, which have given me thought for pause when it comes to going far out in the ocean. I keep saying I am going to learn every summer and it just never seems to happen.

I absolutely love snowboarding by contrast. I grew up skiing Big Bear, California, an area of California, then lived in Mammoth Lakes for three years. I don’t know what it is about snowboarding, but it is my favorite drug, much cheaper than therapy!

Maybe one of these days I will have one of my bros see if they can help me figure out surfing. I would probably really like it!

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25 responses to “Surfing Would be an Awesome Sport to Try”

  1. Surfing looks like it would be a lot of fun. Extremely difficult but fun.

    I could see myself getting all spiritual about it, as I get pretty spiritual about the ocean in general.

    1. I’m from Orange County too,Newport Beach,Laguna Niguel Newport Christian and Costa Mesa High School…

    2. Yeah I am that way with snowboarding already. It is so relaxing when you just let go.

  2. Ah surfing! Husband and I lived in Australia for a time pretty much ON the beach but never got around to trying surfing. It looks like so much fun though. The closest I have come is to try skateboarding.

    1. It looks really fun! I am just wary of the ocean. Where did you live in Australia?

  3. I’m following you and your posts are very interesting. To be honest, I use my “English Lessons and Translation Tips” website to help other Brazilians to learn American English. I’d love to make my website known. I appreciate your website. We are exceptions in a world where most people dislike writing and reading blogs and books.

    1. That is great! You are right, writing and reading longer texts is becoming a less and less common skill. I will follow you as well!

  4. It’s harder than it looks. I have done just about anything that you stand on some sort of board. I had a bit of a time on a surfboard.

    1. Yeah that is what a lot of people say. It takes a lot of core strength.

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  8. Harder than skiing or skating IMO

    1. That is what I hear. I have seem some surf camps or surfing lessons one can do.

  9. […] 20, 2023 Surfing Would be an Awesome Sport to Try It depends on person to person. In my opinion, it is very important to have a lazy day. I repeat […]

    1. Indeed! I have a friend that has all the gear, just need to muster the courage.

  10. I mean surfing is sooo limited and even if you have the accessibility it’s hard to learn and you need the board which is not cheap :/

      1. Limited I mean region wise. Not every sea/ocean around the world has the required conditions to surf. Some have higher tides risk and other problems. Plus u need to live near the coast too which again a big problem

  11. Surfing is amazing! You should totally give it a go


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