My taste in music is pretty diverse. I live near Los Angeles so on any given day, you hear a lot of different music. You may hear classic rock at a restaurant, then hip-hop later on in the day at a retail store, Kenny G Christmas Music (on right now at the Chinese massage parlor in the mall), and country music at the bar. In some senses Los Angeles is a symphony unto itself, at any given time.

When I was younger, I would try to say one genre really defined me as a person, but now I feel that we are all connected and all forms of music potentially have something valuable to offer.

Anyway, I thought I would share my top five favorite albums because I don’t necessarily have a favorite genre.

#1 – Pink Floyd – The Wall – This album is such a profound odyssey, yet one we are all pretty familiar with in some senses. I Can listen to this all day every day, such a fantastic work of art.

#2 – Metallica – Master of Puppets – I am a bit of a metal-head, so I could not overlook Metallica. I have listen to this for close to 30 years and it still sounds amazing.

#3 – 2 PAC – All Eyez on Me – 2Pac really blew my mind with this two-disc set. It was not just another rap album, but a genre defying one.

#4 – Tool – Anema – Tool at its rawest and most thunderous. Tool has been my favorite band for years. The rhythms are very complex but all in harmony, accompanied by hard hitting vocals, although, most songs don’t follow the typical rock format. All their albums are great, but this is my favorite.

#5 – Clint Black’s Greatest Hits – Clint Black and road trips go hand in hand. The legendary country singer was one of my dad’s favorites and has remained one of mine as well.

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Here is my Top 5, what is yours?

Pink Floyd – The Wall

2 responses to “How about my Top Five Albums?”

  1. 1. RUSH: Moving Pictures
    2. Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
    3. Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
    4. The Beatles: All of them…
    5. RUSH: A Farewell to Kings

    1. Dark Side almost made my list, but “The Wall” has been so foundational for me. Houses of the Holy is great, I have just heard it so many times, not in my Top 5. Rush was way ahead of their time though, a lot of alternative rock is based on their work. Beatles are huge, my mom kind of killed it for me when I was young by overplaying. Thanks for sharing!

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