I would have to say my most memorable vacation was my first trip to Europe. My mother had recently inherited a small fortune from her parents and wanted to take me to Europe. She had talked about it since I was small, so I was quite hyped up about it. I had just turned 18 at the time and lived a fairly conservative lifestyle. I had gone on few trips but never left the country. Boy was I in for a surprise!

My mom’s friend had come along with us and brought her son who was around my age, which made this trip extra fun. Trent had long hair, wore aviator glasses, and had a pretty big ego about himself, but he was very good with the ladies which his relatively inexperienced new best friend was not.

We spent four days in Athens, which was really amazing to see how this ancient civilization was just basically in the middle of the modern city. We visited the Acropolis and many important museums and churches as well. I believe there is a picture of me standing on a mountain where John the Baptist stood holding a Bible. This was a powerful moment for me and although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, pushed me a little more towards becoming a history teacher.

Next was a cruise in the Mediterranean for six days I believe. We stopped at Mykonos and actually stayed there three days which was absolutely amazing for two American kids. Nude beaches, bars we could actually go to, I even managed to catch a few fish.

From there, we went to Crete and Rhoades. Crete and Rhoades are the home of two ancient civilizations and what is left of the Rhoades Colossus. I was especially impressed with the remains of the statue, it must of been quite a spectacle when it was still around. Rhoades still looked like it was the dwelling of a Medievil society because of the long stone walkways with stone buildings. It was essentially a huge fortress.

Last came Santorini, the beautiful home of a dormant volcano in the middle of the ocean. The last time this volcano erupted the center of the island collapsed into the sea, so all that is left is the rocky outcroppings where the small town of Santorini is located.

I met a wonderful Puerto Rican girl there named Danni Marie Panneli. We had quite the time and I was very sad to have to part ways.

All in all, it was a fantastic time and I really appreciate that time I got to spend with my mom during the two trips to Europe we took. I guess I have inherited my mother’s wanderlust because I have loved adventure and travel ever since.

The amazing thing is my son is going on a similar trip with my mom next week, lucky scallywag that he is. I hope it has the same impact on him as it had on me.

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What is your most memorable vacation? (Copied and pasted from Vacationstogo.com)

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