Hello fellow writers, dreamers, artists, and fellow bloggers! I have only been doing this consistently for a couple of months, so I am a newbie still, but I have been teaching a long time and I think there are some things we could all do to help each other win.

We all want our work more widely circulated, promoted, and followed. I see a lot of people liking articles, but not commenting on them. While it is awesome to affirm someone’s work, comments good or bad, as long has they are put in a constructive manner help us improve our work.

From what I understand, comments, help us in pursuit of greater readership and circulation of our work as well. It would be nice to see more comments on people’s work. A comment could be a positive affirmation, a question for further exploration, a balanced criticism (Two positive affirmations/1 criticism), or anything along those lines. A good comment should show that you actually read the person’s post.

My suggestion would be to comment on ten posts a day. Not only will this help you better understand what other people are writing, but it will also help build relationships with the other bloggers in the community.

Blogging offers us the opportunity to all win together, which is a rare thing in a capitalist economic system. If you have commented on at least ten blogs today, leave your name in the comment section below and I will give you a follow or subscription. #Let’sWinTogether!

Complete this challenge, share with other groups, leave your name below. If you would like to comment on how this experience has gone for you, please do so, that is what we are here for! Thanks for considering!


One response to “Bloggers Unite: #Let’sWinTogether! How to Give Feedback and Build Relationships Online”

  1. This is a actually a helpful post as many of us are learning our way in the blogging world. I always find myself a little stumped when I don’t get comments on my posts and overjoyed when I do. Your suggestions in this post really seem like a helpful practice to implement. I also think we should always be our authentic selves and hold back a little less when we really want to comment on one another’s content.

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