What profession do you admire most and why?

I admire journalists who speak truth to power. Large corporations, governments, and even smaller businesses in small towns will stop at nothing to avoid having their “dirty laundry” aired.

Mainstream journalists do not get the credit they deserve, but they do have the relative protection of large organizations.

The independent journalist, who fearlessly publishes articles, researches on their own dime, and faces constant threats for little or no money, has done more for democracy, then anyone will probably ever know.

Greg Palast and Hunter S. Thompson come to mind, but there are countless others. Writers who as Nietzsche said, “….write with blood…” do so out of a code of ethics of the highest order. To not sell out, when it would be personally better for them, is the most admirable of traits.

For every dictator who has lost power, brave journalists opposing totalitarian regimes are usually one of the main causes. Not to mention, all the journalists who have died in “mysterious accidents“ or outright assasinations.

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3 responses to “Fearless Independent Journalists: The Unsung Heroes of Democracy”

  1. In my region they are trying to kill true journalism but it has eaten deep into the system for that to happen. Truth will always win in war with lies.

    1. The power is always with the people!

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