Writing Prompt: What does Dave Grohl do in his Spare Time?

Video: Dave Grohl Trolling Westboro Baptist Church

My girlfriend showed me this video that has Dave Grohl trolling the somewhat infamous Westboro Baptist Church around a year ago. In a very peaceful protest, he loaded up his band and covered the Bee Gees, “You Should be Dancin’” while stopping in front of the protestors picketing his concert to tell them that he loved all of them and he loved everybody, further that is what “we are supposed to do”. The Westboro protestors definitely were taken aback by this unusual display from a celebrity like Dave Grohl, but for those who follow the Foo Fighters, this is just the next page in his story about trying to make the world better and unite people from all walks of life. I am not sure how widely this has circulated, but it is certainly worth a share. Feel free to like, subscribe, comment! Thanks for your support of Bunchiesblog!

Dave Grohl trolling Westboro Baptist Church - a peaceful and hilarious anti-protest.

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