How often do you walk or run?

Running and walking are essential parts of my fitness regime. I try to get out and walk or run at least a couple days a week before work. Being a teacher and coach typically gives me lots of steps a day though as it is, so I try not to overdo it.

My typical workout plan

Monday – Yoga and Physical therapy excercises

Tuesday – Circuit training at Bunch fitness (my garage gym)

Wednesday – Running and Yoga

Thursday – Circuit workout/running

Friday – Yoga physical therapy

I really enjoy my morning workouts. They have become essential to my overall wellness. Running and walking play a key role, but are not the only parts to my fitness regime.

3 responses to “Running and Walking, an Essential Component to Personal Fitness”

  1. I wish I had your exercise motivation

    1. It’s all about psycology and reinforcement. Rewards for good, consequences for bad, lol.

      1. I get that, I wouldn’t be able to exercise as much as you. I’d be in bed for 3 days.

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