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How do you relax?

I am a very active person, so I guess it is not all that surprising that most of my things I do to relax involve activities. Nature for me is the great healer, finding some way to interact with nature, usually provides me with great joy. Not to say that I don’t enjoy time spent with the boys.

#1 – Flyfishing – Flyfishing is my happy place because I am usually by myself, immersed in nature, and forced to let go of my daily worries. It is hard to explain, but there is something very visceral about fishing, knowing you have the skills to survive. Flyfishing also has a certain kind of rhythm to it that, when practiced and mastered, makes you feel like you are in tune with the universe.

#2 – Snowboarding/Skiing – Snowboarding/skiing demand one’s full attention. Although I have been doing both of these activities for most of my life, I still get a major adrenaline rush when I get out there. I still bomb hills at close to full speed, racing my kids, and being generally reckless, but it feels so good! I feel like the world is constantly trying to bottle me up, put a bubble around me, make me feel safe all the time, and sometimes to experience you life, one must step outside of that.

#3 – Lunch with the boys after baseball/softball – My adult baseball team finished the season 20-0, won two playoff games and a championship last month. The games are always intense and immersive, which gives one a sense of release in and of itself, however, the team lunches/dinners/drinks after are the best. Sometimes it is all joking, sometimes talking about real life stuff, and sometimes its a little of both, but always a good way to relax. It helps me reset after a long day or week.

#4 – Surf Fishing – This is something I started doing 20 years ago that has paid great dividends. Surf fishing, as the name implies, allows one to surf and fish. I will typically take my family out and hang out with them for the first hour or so, maybe throw a line out if its not too crowded, then find a jette or nice stretch of beach that becomes my main base of operations. From there, I get in the water and start fishing, it is quite relaxing. Sometimes I catch fish, sometimes I don’t, but when I do they are usually pretty nice ones! If I get a nice halibut, it’s fish taco time!

#5 – Blogging – Blogging has become a happy place for me of sorts. I have never been all that big on self-expression, feeling that there is really “nothing new under the sun” to rehash, but when I started blogging on WordPress, I found that had changed. There is quite a bit of catharsis for me in going through this process of reflection, sharing, and commenting each day. I feel like I am making connections around the world, while getting to know myself better at the same time, it can be quite exhilarating!

My Top 5 Ways to Relax – Wrap Up

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3 responses to “My Top Five Ways to Relax”

  1. I’m with you on everything yo said about blogging 💫
    Snowboarding and skiing looks like a lot of fun, maybe one day I’ll get around to trying them ⛷

    1. I highly recommend, if starting out, start with skiing, snowboarding can be pretty rough the first few times.
      Blogging is amazing, it is like the new printing press!

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