What’s the first impression you want to give people?

I want people to think I am a reapectable friendly person at first. When I think of first impressions, I thi k about meeting my students for the for the first day of class.

Making positive connections, impressions with students goes a long way toward having a successful school year. Reaearchers estimate that it takes twenty positive interactions to undo a negative first impression. For a teacher, this would be multiplied by 180 studemts.

Sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to, or there are personal conflicts that can really drag the entire class down if not handled skillfully, but usually, a if the teacher does their part, students will respond in kind.

3 responses to “First Impressions Are Vital For Teachers”

  1. Great comments. A good first impression on the students will extend to the parents.

    1. It is a cyclical thing for sure!

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