I would like to learn the skill of having a near perfect swing with my driver in golf. All my other clubs I hit really well, but the driver always is an issue. I don’t seem to know how to fix the problems I am having, but will intermittently hit beautiful drives, then out of bounds by forty yards.

When you can’t control your driver in golf, it is a pretty bad thing for your score, so not hitting my driver well, can be quite frustrating. When I play shorter courses where I can use my irons more, I tend to score pretty well, but when that driver comes out, look out!

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3 responses to “If I Could Just Hit My Driver Straight!”

  1. Practice becomes perfect with perseverance!.Thanks for your continued support. Take care.

    1. My pleasure! You have a lot to offer in this space!

      1. Thank you and keep swinging when I get into pictures I will put out a beautiful golf course that’s 30mins driving from my address .Blessings to you and family.
        It’s our Thanksgiving giving week up to the weekend. Time for family and few good friends.

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