What are you most excited about for the future?

The future scares me as well as excites me. I know that each day that goes by brings me closer to my physical death, which I know could be quick or very long and painful. My health has certainly begun to deteriorate the last few years. I have developed fairly severe tinnutus (constant ringing in my ears). moderate to severe back pain, and plantar fasciitis. For a while I was really starting to get down about all this, but I have noticed in a way it has been a good thing.

I noticed that of late, I am much more of a “YOLO” type of person. I am not as concerned about “my future” as I was when I was younger because I can definitely see that life is finite. I think I have more passion for my hobbies and interests and want to make the most of each day. I want to do as many cool things with my kids as I can, even if I am not feeling well. I want to leave my mark on my students. I want to write about my life and share experiences, connect with others more and not hold anything back.

I also am becoming wiser with age and I think this is an exciting aspect of my future. I spend my work life learning and teaching so my personal growth seems to go up each year. I have a better perspective on things and am generally not as rattled or fearful as I used to be.

I guess if we lived forever, this would not be how we would look at things, so seeing the twilight of life approaching may be a blessing in disguise.

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Writer: What excites you about the future? Do you find that the prospect of the end of life makes each day more meaningful? How do you feel about our children’s future? Does it scare you? Do you feel inspired/optimistic?

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  1. Great post. I recently started having tinnitus also. Sometimes it drives me a little crazy.

    1. It can be awful! It just never stops. I guess I have learned to live it, but it definitely is not fun.

      1. I hear you (pun intended)

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