Updated Version: The origin of my nickname “Bunchy” goes back many years to when I was a Little League Baseball Player. One of my coaches started calling me Bunchy when I was 11 years old on our Mountain All-Star Team and it stuck. This is why I call my blog Bunchiesblog, (maybe I need to reconcile the spelling now that I think about it?) The funny thing is, I was known by this name through my college baseball days as I always had someone from my former team to carry it forward, but then after college I didn’t hear it for quite a while until I started playing adult baseball again in the Los Angeles Baseball League. One of my good friends arrived at this nickname intuitively and once again, it stuck. Baseball is a funny game when it comes to nicknames, almost every player has some sort of weird nickname or set of nicknames.

Bunchy – Adult baseball Player

The Many Nickname Variations of my Unique Last Name over the Years

Here are a list of the nicknames I have had over the years:

Baseball Nicknames: Toad the Wet Bunchy, Bunch-a-lunch, Scrunch, Scrunchy, Scrunch-a-munch, Buncher, Bunch-o-Rama, Bunchzilla, Toady, Yogi, Bunchito, Bunch-of-hits, Bunch of [basically anything] and of course Scruncher.

Nicknames Given to me by Students Over the Years

I have probably forgotten some, but these are the most memorable: M.C. Bunch, Manojo (Spanish for Bunch), Mr. B, Coach Bunch, Coach B, Mista Bunch, Mike/Michael(not my favorite), Mr. Bunch of Fun, and Mr. Bunch of Homework.

Wrap Up – The Many Names of Bunch

Anyway, got to run off to teach so I am going to leave it at that for now. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for supporting my blog, likes, follows, shares, etc always appreciated! Check out some of my other articles, if you have time.

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