How do you manage screen time for yourself?

Screentime is a tough one for me. I work on my computer pretty much all day. I work at home a lot as well so that can easily be 10 hours a day.

I have a penchant for MLB the Show 23 online, so that eats up some time as well, and of course Netflix with my girlfriend and blogging as well. All of these activities require a screen of some sort.

Gratuitous nature pic

I make sure I spend at least an hour a day outside. I coach soccer so that usually takes care of outside time during the week, then maybe some fishing or hiking with doggos on the weekend.

Upon reflection, I should probably take a more active approach to limiting screentime for myself. I am curious to see what others have said.

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14 responses to “Screen Time Can Be Tough To Manage”

  1. I think that’s good that you make a pint to spend at least one hour each day outdoors. I tend to not set too strict of limits on things like screen time.

    I’m all for being organized and planning but I think it’s easy to get too dependent on a plan; only to panic when things go astray.

    1. As a teacher, you learn this principle very quickly!

      1. Yep! We have no choice

  2. It’s tempting to spend the whole day on screens. My body lets me know when it’s time to stop. So I try to alternate. A couple of hours in the morning, and maybe again late afternoon.

  3. I think this prompt makes people feel guilty about how much time is spent looking at a screen. As you point out, it is necessary for work. I didn’t think screen time is a bad thing unless time is all day doing things like playing video games.

  4. I definitely agree it’s never good to spend the whole day indoors

    1. I get depressed if I am inside too much.

  5. Very nice! Do you like to walk around your neighborhood whenever you go outdoors?

    1. Yes, there are lots of hiking trails around here. I take the dogs out when I can.

      1. Very interesting.

  6. Staying indoors can disconnect you from nature

  7. Hi Mike,

    I recently read your blog post on managing screen time, and it really resonated with me. As someone who also spends a significant amount of time working on a computer, I understand the challenges of balancing screen time with other activities.

    Your commitment to spending at least an hour outdoors daily, coaching soccer, and enjoying activities like fishing and hiking is inspiring. It made me reflect on my own screen time habits. I’m curious to know if you’ve discovered any effective strategies for actively limiting screen time that you’d be willing to share.

    1. I hate to say it, but it is like dealing with an addiction at times. We get so much dopamine from our activities on the internet that it self-reinforces and becomes ingrained in our psyche. The best thing is to come up with a plan because you are going to crave those old interactions. Once you get past a certain point though, usually a few hours, you begin to feel better. The assault on your nervous system quiets and you remember that life is not just about the internet! I love camping for this purpose. I purposefully take my kids to places with no wi-fi (don’t tell them that), so they have to actually interact with each other and we do too!

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