Happy Monday! I am inspired today to write about a chrome extension I used today to make a video for my classes distance learning. I have been slowly but surely working my way up the technological ladder of distance learning education apps and on the recommendation of our professional development coach at my school, tried Screencastify.

I have used other apps, which I am sure are wonderful for some teachers, but didn’t really click for me yet. This one was different. It made a very high quality video with very minimal techno-jargon angsty moments for me. All I had to do was, decide what type of video I wanted, desktop, web browser, or just the webcam and whether I wanted to have myself in the picture as a small talking head. I recorded a practice video, which was almost good for today, but I had trouble opening some of the links to my stock simulator, so I repeated it. The second time, no major issues. I watched the video after it was completed and was really impressed with how good it came out.

After the video was created, it automatically saved to my drive, which I had to give a name. It also had the option of creating a shareable link. I pasted the link into my Google classroom and boom, done! Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. I am looking forward to using this for a long time in my classroom. It will definately be worth the subscription fee of $29 a year.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What are your thoughts on this?