Through the process of blogging and building my website, I have become more interested in Information Technology. Web Design, artificial intelligence, and maybe even some coding sounds like stuff that I could get into more.

I love teaching and probably would not leave it unless a very compelling financial package was offered or if I could work remotely and live somewhere in the mountains. I worked remotely during the pandemic and although teaching from home was pretty lame, the idea of working remotely does appeal to me as it would give me ample time to explore the world.


I have been anchored in the same spot for 19 years because I have a good job and am very grateful for that, however, part of me misses the carefree lifestyle I enjoyed in my 20s when I lived in lots of different places and met a lot of new people.

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Most of all, I miss having a vast wilderness to explore nearby. When I lived in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, in every direction, there was unexplored territory that changed with each season often dramatically. The ethos of the people who lived there made me feel like a wealthy man, despite working at a restaurant and ski resort.

Every day off was a holiday to be celebrated. Every spare moment you had, it was important to commune with nature in some way. The sub-culture of the region resembled a tribal society in some ways.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

John Muir

All that to say, a career in tech would be something to be considered, or perhaps a side hustle related to tech after I beef up my tech skills. Perhaps when I retire, I could have a remote tech job of some sort.

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