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Unlocking the Secrets of the Past:

Why History is the Ultimate Life Journey

I have traveled to Europe twice which from a “farthest from home” perspective would be the farthest in miles, however, I want to write about my intellectual journey through history as the topic of this post.

Studying history initially is hard because the student has little or no context for much of the story. You have to start with the bare bones, the basics, the skills of the historian. In high school, I think I learned enough of these skills to be effective. In college those skills were sharpened, but I still had much to learn. It is only now in my mid-forties that I feel I have decent command of my subject.

Starting at the first steps of humans, going through the Ice Age, the Agricultural Revolution, the Age of Exploration, The Industrial Revolution, the world wars, The Cold War, and the modern era. It is the most fascinating story ever told. One can never know it all!

Each day teaching history can lead you into many different directions. Often times, the most novice student can see or say something that completely changes one’s understanding of a key event, place or person. In short, it is the most amazing journey for me.

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Unlock the Secrets of the Past: Why Studying History is the Ultimate Life Journey

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