Who is the most famous or infamous person you have ever met?

I have not met all that many famous people. Back in my waiting tables days I had the pleasure of serving Milla Jovovich, the actress from the Resident Evil movie franchise.

She was sitting with a friend of mine fromthe Mammoth Ski School. They were all having dinner at the then, Perry’s Italian Cafe’ which I was the headwaiter for.

Despite being somewhat addicted to the movie Resident Evil at that time, I did not recognize her at all. I took their order a d had some time to chat so came back to chat up my friend a bit.

I noticed Mila was very courteous and very quietly flirting with me, but I still had no idea who she was. Women would be flirtatous with the waitstaff quite often, it did not neccasarily mean anything.

Resident Evil Movie Poster

I delivered the entrees and then business picked up so I did not have the chance to chat with them much after that. They paid, left a generous tip and it seemed like just another satisfied customer.

I talked to my friend a couple of days later and he explained who the young lady was and I was pretty shocked. Needless to say I became a fan of hers for life. I was inpressed with the starlit’s humility and it was kind og an ego pump that she seemed to be flirting with my restaureteur ski bum self.

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