How would you describe yourself to someone?

I am an explorer of both the physical world and intellectual world. I believe we don’t deserve animals. I believe it’s not too late for humanity. I believe that young people are out best hope. I believe in discipline. I believe our country has gotten too soft. I believe in free market capitalism with a strong social safety net. I believe in the power of education and above all, the will of the human spirit to overcome. I believe in fiercely defending the people you love. I believe in a hand up over a hand out. I believe in Birthday weeks, not just birthdays. I believe the Native peoples of the world are more civilized then the technological civilization most of us live in. I believe if you want to find peace and happiness, you must look inward. I believe God gives generously to all through nature. I believe that each of us has unlimited potential, but that potential is often bottled up and wasted in the name of pragmatism.

I guess it might make for a weird introduction, but what the heck, you only live once right?

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2 responses to “Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself”

  1. Fantastic blog post, Mike … and thank you for using the word “please” in your blog’s title. It’s a hard word for many people to say, yet it’s also an easy word to say. It’s a shame more people can’t say them enough.

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