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Have you ever had a friend that loves you unconditionally every single day, no matter how badly you have screwed things up? Have you ever had a friend who will gladly sit and listen to everything you have to say, just because they think you are awesome? Have you ever had a friend that wiggles their butt every day you come home, and runs around your home with a sock or towel in their mouth to give you as a present?

If you have been owned by a dog, some of this may sound familiar. I thought I would take a moment to be grateful for my bestie, Panda (a.k.a. Pandalones, Panda Express, Panda Bad-Dog Stop It).

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How We Met

I had been dating my girlfriend for a month or two when I was invited to her house for dinner to meet her family. I met her kids who were very nice. She introduced me to her cat Shirley who I could tell was an amazing pet from the moment she lay on my chest sprawled out (I was advised it would be unwise to move until she got off). In the backyard were two dogs playing and carrying on. She wanted to introduce me but did not want to scare me so was very cautious about this introduction, leashing them both up.

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First Impressions

Panda had a reputation for being a high-energy dog. As a Pittie-Pointer mix, she boasted an extremely athletic frame. Everyone seemed to like Panda, but they also had to hide from her because she could be “a little bit much” at times. Panda grabbed my arm with her mouth and I got a little nervous, but she just wanted me to pet her, so I did. We played a little fetch and a great game of tug-of-war. So our friendship began…

Moving Day

The day we moved in together the air simmered at 115 degrees with lots of wildfire smoke in the air. The air conditioner promptly broke down around 3:00 p.m. My step-daughter cried and whined, and even my step-son broke down at one point. We ended up staying in a hotel after bickering with the landlord about the premises being unliveable given the heat wave. We did not end up getting the dogs to the house until a few days later.

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Panda and Pickes Arrive

After an exceptionally difficult first week or so, we finally were back in the house with a working A/C. The dogs arrived and they went absolutely crazy….running up and down the hallways, racing around the stairs, and we all started to crack up. This was the day that Panda officially became my dog and we have been best buddies ever since. We go on walks, play games, horse around, and have a great time.


I hope you enjoyed my post here: An Ode to Panda-Pandalones, my Bestie on Bunchiesblog. I hope you have the best day today, tomorrow, and the day after! Check out some of my other recent posts if you have a moment!

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