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What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

It depends on the day and the situation, but I typically enjoy being a bit of a non-conformist creative free thinking person that is pretty open minded. I think teaching for 17 years has really helped me develop these abilities that I have that I used to consider weaknesses or things that would get me “in trouble” as a kid and did not like them very much. Now as an adult I realize that it is a difficult path to be different in any meaningful way, but there are many hidden rewards: such as finding obscure truths, unique solutions, and having a very active imagination. I will do and try things that most other people won’t, sometimes to my detriment, sometimes to my benefit, but at least I am not afraid to try, which I am very proud of! I didn’t always have this, in fact I would say most of my life I have not had this level of healthy self-love, but it is something that can be improved upon with some attention given it.

Some interesting articles on Self-Love

“How to Love Yourself For Real, According to Therapists” – Amanda McCracken – This article goes into great depth about how therapists teach people to love themselves by using cognitive therapy and everyday strategies to improve these aspects of one’s life.

“How to Love Yourself When Your Confidence is Low” – Arlin Cunicic – A Little less clinical treatment of the topic, but very good bite sized information that echoes the more clinical information from the previous article.

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” – Rupi Kaur

Source – “150 Self – Love QUotes”
Picture of our foster kitties!  Cnut is on the left, Skade is in the middle and JT is on the right.  JT is still with us 2 years later :)

Picture of our foster kitties! Cnut (The Last Kingdom) is on the left, Skade (The Last Kingdom) is in the middle and JT (Justin Turner) is on the right. JT is still with us 2 years later 🙂

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