Daily writing prompt
What are your daily habits?

As a teacher, it seems I have two sets of habits. One is very intense, workout everyday, eat super healthy, give everything I have to others each day and the other is vacation Mr. Bunch. Vacation Mr. Bunch likes to wake up late (8:30 A.M.) is late, play MLB the show 23 for a bit, make a smoothie with banana, mangoes, mixed berries, orange juice and oat milk, then post a few things on my blog. After that, I usually try to do something productive or spend time with my kids by dragging them to terrible places like the beach and Hurricane Harbor (they are salty teens a lot of the time, especially when actually having to get ready). After that, I wait for my beautiful girlfriend to come home so we can make dinner together and vibe out watchin Netflix or something. We are currently watching Alone Season Four, such a great show. I want to go try to survive in the backyard for a night or two.

That is about it, let me know what you think of the article, do some comparing and contrasting on personal habits, or just hit me with a like, follow and/or subscribe, much appreciated!

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