The older the get the more I like doing things that are a little on the risky side. I feel that when I was younger, I was more conservative, because after all, I had my whole life in front of me, but now I feel like I should try and push the envelope in calculated ways.

For example, today I went to Leo Carrillo State Beach with my teenage kids and I was fishing off a large rock, that was in itself a little sketchy to get onto with the tide incoming and even more sketchy to get off, spotting my daughter swimming in the water: I decided to jump in with her and take a swim. The beach had many large rocks underneath the water, combined with the tide, it wasn’t hard to imagine something going awry as a forty-five year old man walked his way out to where it was deep enough to swim. I paused about half-way, almost turned back, but then a little voice said go for it, you aren’t going to live forever anyway. I had a few intense moments where my legs were caught in the rocks with waves coming in pushing me back, but made it out and felt really good about it.

Anyway, I have noticed I have started doing this more as I get older and so far, it has not worked out badly for me. Those intense moments, whether skiing, snowboarding, biking, running, hiking out in the forest, or whatever really seem to invigorate me.

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Picture of Leo Carillo State Beach, Malibu California from Highway 1

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