How Did Jimmy Buffet Die?

The world has lost a great entertainer today, a great human being, an inspired musician and by all accounts, a great friend. Jimmy Buffet died September 1, 2023 at 76 years old. Many of his fans did not know that he had been fighting skin cancer and lymphoma for many years, being hospitalized as recently as May 2023 for an undisclosed medical condition. Buffet’s skin cancer eventually metastasized into lymphoma which has a very low survival rate. The skin cancer began four years ago due to a lot of sun exposure experts speculate, due to his lifestyle.

“It’s Five-O’Clock Somewhere”

Jimmy Buffet

Buffet, according to TMZ, entered hospice care on Monday August, 28th 2023. He was surrounded by family, dogs, loved ones, and passed peacefully into death . Paul McCartney made a personal visit during this time and sang for the ailing entertainer.

Jimmy Buffet Net Worth

Jimmy Buffet’s net worth at the time of his death had soared to a whopping $1 billion dollars. Jimmy Buffet owned 28% of the Margaritaville resort at the time of his death, in addition to other music related assets, and ironically Berkshire Hathaway stock, owned by Warren Buffet.

Jimmy Buffet’s Songs

Jimmy Buffet’s Wife

Jimmy' Buffet's Wife Jane Slagsvol

Jimmy Buffet and his wife Jane Slagsvol – Married since 1977, the year “Margaritaville was released and become a huge hit. The couple met in a bar, separated at one point, but worked things out. Slagsvol cites her own sobriety as the reason for the split.

Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson

“Shores distant shores, There’s where I’m headed for, I got the stars to guide my way, Sail into the light of day…” Jackson writes, adding the hashtag #BoatsToBuild.
“RIP my friend, @jimmybuffett,” he concludes his tribute.

Alan Jackson

My Personal Connection to Jimmy Buffet and his Music

My first year in junior college, our college baseball fundraiser required all 40 or so of us to volunteer to do three nights of concert security to raise money for the program. This would cover our entire season, trips, equipment, coaches, etc.

I had not gone to many concerts, if any beyond the ones at my church or in our rural town. Of course, that first concert was Jimmy Buffet. I did not know who Jimmy Buffet was, but everyone seemed to like him.

I was tasked with guarding a stairwell to make sure people didn’t go down to the more expensive seats. I was stationed there with a couple buddies and we had no idea what we were in for.

Soon after the concert started, excessively drunk people calling themselves, “ParrotHeads” began staggering about, complaining about long lines at the restroom.

They started hopping the barred fence and urinating behind us, which we were not happy about. They offered to buy us drinks if we let them go to better seats, that Jimmy would want us to do this, etc. It was pretty hilarious.

Jimmy came out in his “ParrotHead” costume and everyone went nuts. About half way through the concert, the urinating turned to barfing and I was very concerned for the safety of some of these people, having never been around large groups of drunk people before. Needless to say, we all had crazy stories to swap when we saw each other at school the following Monday.

As I got older, I had a much better understanding of the phenomenon and became a bit of a “Parrot Head” myself. I don’t know if people give Buffet his due as a transformational leader, but he certainly was. I know the drinking and drugs and whatnot that are associated with him are not the best look, but there are many people who he helped get through tough times, celebrate good times, and give a real world education to. You will be missed Mr. Buffet!

A Brief Biography of Jimmy Buffett

When it comes to laid-back tunes, sun-soaked beaches, and an enduring sense of escapism, few artists have captured the spirit of island life quite like Jimmy Buffett. Born on December 25, 1946, in Pascagoula, Mississippi, James William Buffett, better known as Jimmy Buffett, has become an icon in the world of music, synonymous with the carefree, tropical lifestyle.

Charting a Unique Course

In the early 1970s, Jimmy Buffett set sail on his own unique musical voyage, crafting songs that blended elements of folk, country, and rock with lyrics that spoke of sandy beaches, cold drinks, and the pursuit of a life well-lived. It was with albums like “A1A” and “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” that Buffett truly made his mark.

One song, in particular, would go on to define his career: “Margaritaville.” Released in 1977, this classic track became an anthem of escapism and relaxation, encapsulating the desire to kick back, unwind, and forget about life’s worries, if only for a little while.

Parrotheads and Island Vibes

Jimmy Buffett’s music isn’t just about songs; it’s about a lifestyle. His devoted fan base, known as “Parrotheads,” embody the carefree, tropical spirit he sings about. They gather at his concerts, tailgating in colorful Hawaiian shirts, sipping on margaritas, and enjoying the music that has become the soundtrack to their island dreams.

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Beyond Music

But Jimmy Buffett is more than just a musician. He’s a multi-talented artist who’s dabbled in writing, acting, and even business ventures. His best-selling books, including “Tales from Margaritaville” and “A Pirate Looks at Fifty,” showcase his wit and storytelling abilities. Additionally, he’s launched successful restaurant chains, like Margaritaville Café, and even ventured into the world of spirits with his brand of Margaritaville tequila.

(Disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate Marketer) – Any commissions from these books will go to improving my blog.

A Timeless Legacy

As the years have gone by, Jimmy Buffett’s music and message have remained timeless. He continues to tour, spreading his unique brand of escapism and reminding us all to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life to enjoy the simple pleasures. With his breezy tunes, witty lyrics, and an eternal love for the sea, Jimmy Buffett will forever be a symbol of the endless summer, inviting us to kick off our shoes, sip a margarita, and embrace the island spirit.

So, whether you’re a long-time Parrothead or a newcomer to the world of Jimmy Buffett’s music, there’s always a spot in Margaritaville waiting for you. As the man himself would say, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”

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