Where did your name come from?

My parents were hippy folkish. My father wanted to name me Moonbeam or Starlight and a host of other strange names. Lucky for me, the final decision was up to my mother who chose a somewhat normal name for me….Michael!

Her family practiced Catholicism. Michael, the name of God’s favorite archangel, had religious significance to her. So that is how the story went.

Where did your name come from?

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Michael the archangel – (actual photo of me slaying inner demons)

2 responses to “My Mother’s Desire For Me To Have A Normal Life”

  1. Great Devine name among three arch angels Michael Gabriel and Raphael.
    In Hebrew spelt Mikha’el found in old Testament book of numbers ” Who is like
    God ‘” meaning. Names are more than identification it’s authority traits and power. Blessings and Thanks.

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