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4 responses to “Navigating Workplace Challenges: My Experience in a School District”

  1. I totally get it, I’m a school bus driver and we are getting screwed by the administration on our hours for extended time. Some of us get back later than we are allowed to put down on our time sheets. If we miss more than 3 days of work without a doctors note, they said we need to be fired. I talked with the transportation office and she told me that’s only if we have their health insurance. Sometimes life gets in the way where your not sick, but have to take off to deal with whatever occurred, that isn’t a sickness. They are so short on drivers, i don’t think they realize how important bus drivers are to a school. I do wish we were Union, but no one here would go for it.

    1. That’s ridiculous. Driving a bus full of kids is extremely stressful, especially this day and age. Our district doesn’t even provide transportation anymore, the kids have to take the city bus, which is always late and overcrowded. Then they don’t understand why they can’t get a consistent quality workforce, but somehow they never forget to give themselves nice raises and cost of living adjustments. It is so bizarre and frustrating.

  2. Asa teacher myself, I can 100% sympathize.

    1. It is like an unwritten rule that they have to treat school staff like crap, I don’t get it. We are the face of their brand that they care so much about. Why do they want to constantly antagonize us?

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