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Do you see yourself as a leader?

Don’t just follow the leader….be the leader! I absolutely do see myself as a leader in many ways. I am evolving into a stronger complete leader each day as I have many leadership challenges brought to me each day in my work and personal life. In short, leading and teaching go hand in hand

My Early Experiences with Leadership

When I was younger, I was fine with letting others take the reigns and lead the way. My first leadership experiences were as the “Team Captain” of my youth and high school baseball teams. My leadership style was to lead by example, to get the first hit off a tough pitcher, or make a great play on defense, or come up with a clutch hit. I was a very quiet leader though, and as I got older this became a liability to any type of real leadership.

Leadership as a Young Adult

I worked in the restaurant business for a seven years as I pursued by college degrees and they taught me some basic communication skills, management skills, etc., but I still was a average leader at best. It was not until I became a teacher and coach that my skills began to catch up with my aspirations. Nowadays after 18 years of teaching, I feel very comfortable as a leader, small or large groups, adults or kids, and it is a pretty cool feeling. Adults look to me for leadership on different projects. My students enjoy my leadership style. In general, I feel like I am hitting my stride as a more complete obvious leader.

Thanks for reading: Don’t Just Follow the Leader…Be the Complete Obvious Leader! Bunchiesblog! Check out some of my other recent articles! What are your thoughts on leadership? Do you enjoy being a leader or not so much?

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