Opinion Poll of my senior Gov classes 9/29

I had the honor and privilige of polling the students in my high school government class as a way to guage how the youth vote will breakdown in the next Presidential Election here in the U.S. for 2024.

Biden Enjoying Pretty Lights

Due to our two-party system and their relative monopoly of the political process, sometimes voters are left with two candidates who can realistically win, that are not very popular.

Trump showing off dance moves for voters

In this poll, I gave my students four choices. Former President Trump leads the Republican candidates, so he represented the Republicans. Some students were surprised that he could still be running after all his legal troubles, but they should not have been!

We read the Constitution and the requirements are simply to be at least 35 years old, a natural born citizen, and a resident of the United States for 14 years. Trump got 20.2% of the vote.

Democrats are coalescing around Joe Biden for another term, despite being 80 years old. Students wanted to know if he was too old to run for President. There is no age limit to be President except to be over 35. Biden came in at 33.7%.

I also included a third party option, which, even though we have not gotten into third parties recieved 14.4% of the vote.

The big surprise was the write in candidate, “a random sock”. To my knowledge, “A Random Sock” has not even announced their official candidacy yet. “A Random Sock” was contacted by the press, but no comments were given.

“A Random Sock”

Political pundits and media elites will likely be looking closely for if and when, “A Random Sock” will enter the race, what their platform will be, and who they would possibly choose for a running mate? “Another Random Sock” or perhaps the “shoe that didn’t get lost” would be an obvious choice.

Wrapping It Up

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4 responses to “A Random Sock Makes Impressive Showing in Local Caucus”

  1. Maybe the sock and make another run for the White House in four more years.

    But seriously, I remember watching the debates for years ago, seeing Biden and trump going out each other and thinking “is this really the best either party can do?“

    We claim to be this incredibly free society, and have so many choices; and yet in reality, we don’t have a three party system. At least, not a viable three party system.

    1. The two party system does make effective government more likely in a democracy, but those parties need competition ao that they don’t become monolithic dinosaurs. Third party candidates should be given equal funding and debate time, then we would not get this nonsense.

  2. “You will die of old age. We will die of climate change.” That is true, and is one of my favourites. Thank you

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