Daily writing prompt
What principles define how you live?

What principles do I live by?

Well, that is a good question…I believe a bad day fishing beats a good day at work.

I believe in helping people up, not giving them handouts.

I believe human beings are largely products of their environment.

I believe in opening one Christmas present on Christmas Eve.

I believe in karma for good or bad deeds.

I believe in sacrifice, leading by example, and taking ownership of our society.

I believe America’s youth are a vast resource of untapped potential and our greatest asset.

I believe in splitting dessert on a date.

I believe in everyone until they show me I should not.

I believe trust is earned as is respect.

I believe a much better world is possible.

I believe we will probably destroy ourselves though.

I believe in diplomacy over war.

I believe in integrity above all else, nothing in life has value without it.

I believe our elders should be respected and included in society as much as possible.

I believe in population control.

I believe in a plant-based diet.

I believe in aliens and ghosts.

Seems like a good list! Thanks for reading Bunchiesblog! Keep thinking, stay alive, and keep reading and blogging! Check out some of my other recent posts!


14 responses to “Living a Good Life With Good Values (Version 2)”

  1. Hi, I loved your post. We have similar views on life. I can tell I will have a long relationship with your blog. You are one interesting individual. Good writing!

    1. Thanks man! It has become a fun part of my day to write about everything. I wil follow your blog closely as well!

      1. I just realized today’s question is about principles of life, not beliefs I must have read your answer and got confused 😖 it looks like I stole your style; I really didn’t mean to. If you have a problem with that, I will take it down and rewrite it. I think I will, actually. Sorry about that. It won’t happen again

    2. I think I need a Ghost Writer . My Fiancé is really giving me hell. I’m not that gifted. I’m good sometimes. But for no schooling I’m alright

      1. Buy Grammarly, the one-year version. It will teach you a lot; it edits your work, but with time, you start learning how to do it on your own.

  2. Fantastic blog post, my friend.

    How do you like my new blog?

      1. Thank you very much. How do you like seeing my bulldog?

      2. Seems like a nice fella!

      3. Thank you. Whenever you drop something he may grab it, if he sees you dropping it and if he hears it being dropped.

  3. You really think I could do it?

  4. Very good blog post 🙂🎭

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