Pensacola Mountains
Pensacola Mountains by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0
Daily writing prompt
If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?

6 responses to “Flight of Fancy: Jetting Off to My Beloved Dual Destinations”

  1. I’d go to New Zealand just for the car culture. Their car culture is epic there.

    And, when I’m not watching people destroy the ozone layer or whatever – it’s got a LOT of culture and stuff to see.

    China… I would, if the world were a different place right now.

    I’d actually really like to check out Mongolia, but again – not a great time on the planet for that. So much happening in that part of the world.

    Australia, maybe, since I’m in the area already. Everything wants to kill you there, but it hasn’t changed in that regard. lol.

    1. Car culture, they have weird cars or something?

      Humans are the worst, lol.

      Yeah, there would have to be a detente of some sort.

      Lol, my bearded dragon tried to eat my finger the other day!

      1. Oh, their car culture is reminiscent of the 60s here.

        Bearded dragon? A dinosaur almost st bit you!

        Much more fun story. 🤣

      2. Yeah I actually wrote post about it. He jacked me up!

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