What is going on in Elko, Nevada?

Illustration of the Mormon Cricket invasion/migration of Elko, Nevada.

A small town in Nevada has been overrun by Morman Crickets. The eggs were laid under the soil and the crickets started hatching in Mid-May and are still running amuck in the town. The local residents are not enjoying this, “miracle of nature” as the small insects are said to leave behind a trail of scent something akin to “rotting flesh”.

Some residents are scared to go outside their homes for fear of having the crickets swarm them. Others have resorted to unconventional means of getting rid of or moving their new unwanted guests including: leaf blowers, shovels, and an assortment of other tools.

When driving about town, one can hear a distinctive crunching sound as hundreds of crickets are run over. Far from helping alleviate the problem, this just causes the insects to swarm to the bodies of their dead comrades and feed on them. Experts are not sure exactly when this Biblical pestilence will end, but for local residents, it can not come soon enough.

Video footage of Mormon Crickets

Funny Meme about the Mormon Cricket Invasion

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