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Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?

I think there is a spectrum of laziness that occurs with lazy days. The first lazy day is completely beneficial. Your stress level goes down, and you feel relaxed, remember to pay attention to your loved ones more, and maybe take your dogs for a walk.

Day 2-3 of lazy days start to get a little monotonous, but you roll with it because, hey it beats working. Your family members support you in taking some well-deserved “me time”.

Day 4-7 – You stop worrying about shaving anymore. You start getting tired of doing simple household chores. Going out seems exhausting, and you begin to dread social interactions with people other than your inner circle.

Day 8-12 – Your clothes are no longer clean, your home becomes cluttered. Day drinking starts to seem like a good idea, as does not doing much of anything. Your partner is not thrilled with this development.

Day 13-17 – Even your pets are starting to wonder what is wrong with you. You have reached something of a final form. You have really cut any type of risk or challenge out of your day and start wondering what everyone else’s problem is with you.


Day 18-23 – You start to think maybe being homeless would not be so bad, it would be better than having to go back to work right? You no longer fit in most of your dirty clothes and dread going out to buy new clothes. You could survive in the wild, you watched “Alone” ….like all the seasons…

Day 24-30 – You have definitely developed a unique scent that you can smell behind you when you walk by the fan. Even your friends and family have taken to somewhat avoiding you. Your fingernails look like a vampire’s, but you think it’s cool so why not keep going? You are committed now.

Day 30-45 – You forgot to pay the rent check, not that it matters because you probably were fired by now anyway. You have decided to pursue a career as a YouTuber because that has always been your dream. The man will no longer hold you down.


Day 46-60 – You have a total of 10 likes on 10 videos, maybe quitting your job was not the best idea. Your dog looks into your eyes and wonders if it is time for the two of you to part company because you are no longer a reliable pack leader. You break down crying explaining that it is not your fault, you just wanted some lazy days! Your dog decides to give you one more chance.

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36 responses to “The Full Spectrum of Laziness”

  1. Have you ever that your dog is ALWAYS the last one to give up on you? Dogs are the ultimate “ride or die”.

  2. This is so accurate! I went through all of these phases during Summer break every year when I was a teacher.

    1. Lol, yeah it can get out of hand.

  3. I’m proud of my children , I only had two a son and daughter, and they both are doing well for themselves if I went to heaven tomorrow I wouldn’t worry about them because they know how to survive in this ever changing world.

  4. This post is hilarious, but it has a lot of truths in it. I share some of your mentality, and for me, it’s psychologically beneficial to be busy.

  5. Alright, where is it? You got a spy camera in my apartment? I can explain the “ninja stuff”.

    1. We have been studying you all along😁

      1. Well, the facts are a little off. I don’t drink anymore, 6.5 years. I got over 80 subscribers on YouTube, thank you. I don’t even have any videos on there.

  6. Happened to me between jobs this summer- got fired and in the time it took me to get a new job, I had no responsibilities for two straight months. Now that I work from home, I’m definitely somewhat of a hermit but with actual responsibilities. This post was hilarious- thank you for sharing your words!

    1. Lol, yeah it can get a little excessive when it becomes habit…but it feels so good😁

  7. I took care of my mom. When took her last breath, I was holding her hand.

  8. Wonderful reading, thanks for sharing! I am currently at day 23 😀 My dog still loves me, but soo true: she looks sometimes very strange at me. I am an artist (without a job I finally have the spare time to paint!) and you can believe me, this is the life I always imagined to come true. So deep, so in harmony with everything. Thank you, you made me laugh at the end. 🙂

    1. Glad it brought you some cheer!

  9. I am proud of myself! For my ability to adapt to change and not give up on life challenges in order to better help those around me

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  11. This is a great read! I was going through something similar when I was depressed, and my cats literally just stared at me like “wtf are you doing, get up” so that was interesting haha.

  12. Fun, Mike. Loved the conclusion. If anyone’s good for a second chance it’s a dog.

      1. P.S. Not all of your post allow for Likes or Comments (I enjoyed your current one a lot, btw). Also, I don’t see a WP Follow button.

      2. That is weird…I wonder why? Thank you so much for telling me. I am glad you enjoyed it! If you have a miment can you tell me which ones have that issue?

  13. Laziness is an art much like any other. It needs nurturing and care so it can be honed. And it takes a lifetime to get it right. I am in that process now and have been for 70 years. I’ll get there.

    1. That’s right…to do it and conpletely fall off the grid has always been my goal😄

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