(A short poem about staying in high school forever)

Another pensive hot August Monday

Preparing for the most important of guests


12th graders

the seniors

the ones who will


He will prepare tirelessly

Give without thought of reward

Create bonds of friendship

A huge family

for 182 days

and then


but not for him

4 responses to “Will I Ever Graduate?”

  1. Great poem. I stayed in elementary school for 34 years. Such a charge when they remember me dozens of years later.

  2. I enjoyed your poem. It reminds me of what teacher friends have said about first graders. They come in as babies and leave grown up and then you repeat the process. You get to prepare them for college and life. Rinse and repeat!

    1. I always joke around with my students that I will never leave high school. It is really fun, but emotionally draining at times.

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