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Modern society has become a set of strange paradigms. Each, class, race, gender, culture, society, country, religion, and economy creates a different paradigm for themselves or has it imposed on them by others, although we are all essentially the same, that is to say we have much more in common than that which is different. We have as many different realities as individuals on the planet.. Yet, we are all part of the same story, the same origin, the same genesis, this fascinates me. Why are we here? Where did we come from? What is our purpose? We are so close to unlocking many of these things, but are still caught in petty squabbles amongst each other, territorial disputes, religious conflict, social conflict and economic conflict. We are at a great crossroads in our civilization, a Utopian future (see previous article: Future By Design: A Revolutionary Way of Looking at the Future) is within reach, but we must change our ways of thinking in order to reach it.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

CArl Sagan

Human Knowledge is Doubling at an Exponential Rate

Unlike the past, we have the potential to reach new levels of knowledge and understanding in an astonishing amount of time. Our level of knowledge is doubling every 12 hours, which is pretty mind blowing. So that means every year, our combined knowledge or collective learning multiplies by a staggering factor of 730. What an incredible time to be alive, but alas, can our institutions keep up with this manic pace of change? Who will benefit, who will not? Will we use these newfound knowledge to reach our potential as a spacefaring civilization, stewards of the planet, or will we continue to use it to oppress, divide, and set apart. Will our economic system be able to handle this massively accelerating collective knowledge? I fear that unless something exceptionally jarring happens, this will not happen, or perhaps I should say when it happens.

“Two things are happening at the same time – the velocity of technology is increasing exponentially and yet it has never been as slow as it is today; and secondly, the volume of knowledge being generated boggles the mind. Volume of knowledge is doubling every 12 hours, the doubling rate used to be 25 years in 1945.”

Amitabh Ray

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

As many of us in the blogging world are probably award, artificial intelligence is not some far out science fiction idea, it is here. Go hang out with Chat GPT if you have not yet and see what this amazing technology can do. Generative artificial intelligence is revolutionizing entire industries. It will continue to do this. Computer coding in particular will likely be the domain of A.I. almost exclusively in the near future enabling staggering amounts of coding to take place. Again, very exciting time to be alive, but there is always a but…who benefits, who does not? Workers will be replaced in the millions in the next ten years by A.I around the globe. A.I. will also create more opportunities, but how large will this shift be? Can we trust the companies that control this incredible technology to share it equitably with the world when they have spent billions and billions to develop it? Will they actually try to produce abundance instead of for cyclical consumption. Again, I am not too optimistic, until something truly catastrophic happens. Along with the relative improvements of government, due to technological progress, governments have also become much more intrusive in America and all other countries (Five Things To Know About the NSA). Will Artificial Intelligence be used to “police” us, to spy on us, or to help put out houses that catch on fire, or maybe both? We will need great wisdom to control this new technology and ensure it is used positively. Much like fire, it can burn a house down, or keep someone warm.

AI could raise productivity by automating certain cognitive tasks while giving rise to new higher-productivity tasks for humans to perform. With machines taking care of routine and repetitive tasks, humans could spend more time on what makes us unique: being creative innovators and problem- solvers.

International Monetary Fund

What Needs to Happen

Modern society needs to change very rapidly to adjust to the technology that is coming into our possession. We need to start looking across borders to help our fellow human beings, advocate for them, and recognize the circle we all make up as the human species. The expansion of our knowledge, rise of artificial intelligence, and massively increased productivity could solve most of humanities problems, or burn it to the ground.

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12 responses to “Confronting Capitalism: How the World Works and How to Change it”

  1. capitalism works well but must be regulated, unrestrained capitalism will eat itself

  2. The rapid increase if knowledge is staggering but there are times that I truly believe that we are not evolved enough to handle it. As a species we are still very tribal and prone to superstition the shear glut if information and misinformation has perverted knowledge and far too many don’t have the intellectual capacity to differentiate fact from fiction.

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  5. This is all pretty interesting, because I’ve atomized a few things… and as far as technology (AI), I think we need to understand that technology is one aspect of humanity and we may need to build on the others more.

    My perspective is that modern society needs to change, period – and technology advances have made that more obvious. What I used to find out in a magazine every 30 days I can find out in mere seconds from it happening, from the coup in Niger tipping the balance away from we in the West (which is important because of minerals for technology), to the problems related to the Gulf Stream we can see in the future.

    Factor in that we pump out water from aquifers faster than we replenish… well, it’s an interesting ride we’re on and AI hardly seems like the most important thing when we step back. Our own humanity could deserve some introspection, I think. But that’s just an opinion. 🙂

    1. Atomized, like deconstructed matter atomize?

      We can’t go on like this….I don’t think, but when I look at history, I feel like we are lucky we are not piles of radioactive dust already.

      Capitalism creates amazing wealth, but at a terrible cost most of the time.

      1. Yup, taking it apart piece by piece and looking at what holds it all together.

        Yes, we have been fortunate despite ourselves. 😂

      2. Wow, that is cool! What did you see?

      3. Still figuring it out. It seems we take a lot for granted in the information we consume.

        For example, we are told global poverty is down but economic disparity is up!

        That doesn’t make sense. But when you look at how poverty is defined…

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