Daily writing prompt
How important is spirituality in your life?

Is all life interconnected somehow? How is it that the same matter that makes up the stars, makes up all of us and everything we see? How do we perceive life versus how it really is? What is left unseen?

These are questions I ponder when I think about spirituality. To me it is the greatest mystery. Is there a “God”, a higher plane of existence or is life exactly as we perceive it, factual and straightforward. Although in a general sense I am very scientific in the way that I think, I still believe there is much more to the universe, to our existence, then most of us can perceive.

When I hear of yogi’s who can walk on fire, or people that can astrally project, or any number of “unnatural” abilities, I do not immediately discount them. I am attaching a link to a video on the famed Water Experiments by Masaru Emoto. In these experiments Emoto exposed water as it was freezing to different emotional states from humans, yielding amazing results. The more positive emotions the water was exposed to, positive music, actually seemed to alter the structure of the ice crystals would form. This is just one of many examples of things that we can not explain under our current level of knowledge.

The Pyramids, The Lost City of Atlantis, Machu Pichu, alien encounters, alien abductions, religious prophets, just the intuitive nature of the human mind are all things that make me think about the very real possibility that we know much less of things than we think we do. What will the future hold for humanity in these regards? Who knows? One thing I do know is that many of us will continue to be fascinated by this dimension of our existence.

What are your thoughts on this?