Daily writing prompt
How important is spirituality in your life?

I grew up a quasi-Christian as I went to church with my friends family. My parents were never super religious, but hey both believed in some sort of God and moral code. Eventually as I got older and farther from my positive childhood experiences at my church, I began to realize that I just did not have the faith to continue in that direction, further, my beliefs had been transforming as I went through college. I came to the conclusion that everyone thinks their religion is correct and to say that one is better or more right than another seemed rather ridiculous, when no one could even verify there was a God or Gods.

I find creationist arguments compelling in some ways, for instance, how could life evolve in a vacuum. If we put a bunch of steel, copper, and aircraft aluminum in a pile for millions of years, it will not turn into an airplane. The paradox of where the Big Bang came from, etc. made me seriously question my own views. I really wanted to be a believer. I saw so many positive things from the community of people in church reaching out and helping each other, but I also saw ignorance and intolerance.

Long story short, now I consider myself a Unitarian Universalist if anything because they value all religions and try to learn, appreciate, and recognize all cultural attitudes. That being said, I have only gone to a handful of services over the last ten years.

I feel now that if I want to find God all I really need to do is listen and think about what a miracle it is that we are all here on this beautiful planet. It is not for me to necessarily know why or how, but it sure is interesting to theorize about!

A picture showing the beauty of our world.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What are your thoughts on this?