What will your life be like in three years?

I think I will try to make some predictions here and see if they come true.

My now eight-year old step daughter will be a Tik-Tok star.

My bearded dragon will still be somewhat disappinted with me.

Sandy the Dragon

Two of my kids will be in college…yikes!

Panda, my dog, will still think I am awesome.

My hearing will probably get worse.

My cat J.T. will still be trying to catch the mysterious light.

I will be 20 pounds lighter (plant based diet, already down 20).

I will still be playing baseball, snowboarding and maybe even surfing!

18 responses to “Predictions….Three Years From Now”

  1. May all come trueđź‘Ťđź‘Ť

  2. Boy! Is that a dragon lizard? It’s scary. You have guts to have it as a pet.

    1. Lol, he is harmless, unless your a cricket!

  3. Hope that it’s not as big as a commodore dragon?

    1. He is like 16 inches, just looks big in that picture.

      1. Okay. That’s fine.

  4. Fantastic blog post, Mike! Thank you for liking some of my most recent posts. I like you like reading them as much as I like writing them.

  5. 3 years from now I predict that I am going to be writing so much better that I might write for The Good Phight which is a Phillies blog! Please subscribe to my blog!

      1. Yes!! The Philadelphia Phillies!!!!! Please subscribe to my blog!

      2. Please subscribe to my blog!

      3. I am a baseball blogger and would love it if you would subscribe to my blog!

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