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I like the growth mindset I have developed, especially over the last few years. This is something I have had to cultivate over the years as my natural tendency is to look for the path of least resistance. I have always been kind of a grinder type of person, but I used to avoid things that were unpleasant or things I did not feel like doing. Now I realize that 90% of all of that is mental. It is not my body that is failing me, it is my mind. The more I cultivate a relentless, look forward to suffering, type of mindset, the easier life becomes.

There are no shortcuts on the road to success. Cultivating a growth mindset takes time. If you want to be successful hard work is the price, in public and in private. When you can learn to enjoy the challenges and even look forward to them, instead of delaying dealing with them, or avoiding them, you become a stronger version of yourself. Do that enough and you can make some real progress to your goals.

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Biography of David Goggins (Chat GPT with the assist)

Allow me to introduce you to a modern-day legend, a man whose journey from adversity to triumph reads like the stuff of Hollywood scripts. This is the remarkable story of David Goggins. David Goggins eptiomizes the research of Carol Dweck on Growth Mindsets.

One of the most defining moments in Goggins’ life occurred when he decided to tackle the Badwater 135, a grueling 135-mile race through Death Valley. In the scorching heat, he didn’t just finish; he dominated the competition. This wasn’t just a race; it was a testament to the sheer power of determination.

“Everyone fails sometimes and life isn’t supposed to be fair, much less bend to your every whim.” “You must recognize what you are about to do, highlight what you do not like about it, and spend time visualizing each and every obstacle you can.”

David goggins

But Goggins’ journey was far from smooth. He discovered he had a congenital heart defect, which should have been the end of his dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL. However, he underwent multiple surgeries, pushing himself to the absolute limit, and not only became a SEAL but one of the most elite in their ranks.

Today, Goggins is on a mission to inspire others to embrace discomfort and challenge themselves to reach new heights. He’s authored a book, “Can’t Hurt Me,” where he shares the incredible story of his life and the lessons he’s learned along the way. He’s a sought-after motivational speaker and continues to push the boundaries of human potential through his incredible feats.

In a world where adversity can break many, David Goggins stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human soul. His story reminds us that we are capable of achieving greatness, no matter our circumstances. So, as we reflect on the incredible journey of David Goggins, let us all take a moment to embrace his message: stay hard, stay relentless, and never back down from the challenges life throws your way.

David Goggins Resources To Learn More

  1. David Goggins’ Official Website: The best place to start is usually the official website of the person. It often contains biographical information, blog posts, and updates from David Goggins himself.
  2. YouTube: Numerous channels host interviews, speeches, and documentaries featuring David Goggins. His own YouTube channel is a valuable resource for his philosophies.
  3. Goodreads: For readers interested in his books, Goodreads offers summaries, reviews, and discussions about his works, including “Can’t Hurt Me.”
  4. Podcasts: Many popular podcasts have featured David Goggins as a guest. Websites associated with these podcasts often provide detailed show notes and additional resources.
  5. News Outlets: Major news websites like CNN, ESPN, and Forbes have covered David Goggins’ accomplishments and his impact on the world of fitness and motivation.
  6. Amazon Author Page: Amazon’s author page for David Goggins includes his book listings, customer reviews, and author updates.
  7. Reddit: The Reddit community, particularly subreddits related to fitness and self-improvement, often discuss David Goggins and his philosophies.
  8. Quora: Quora can be a good source for Q&A sessions and discussions related to David Goggins and his motivational methods.
  9. Fitness and Personal Development Blogs: Many fitness and personal development blogs feature articles and discussions about David Goggins’ philosophies and his impact on self-improvement.
Carol Dweck is credited with discovering much of the potential of a growth mindset

For aspiring bloggers, Carol Dweck and David Goggin’s ideas could be crucial to your success. From my research, it usually takes around a year to make any money blogging so it is something you really have to stay dedicated to it, if that is your goal. Having a growth mindset is vital.

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