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Describe one habit that brings you joy.

Hi there, Mike here from Bunchiesblog! I thought I would go a little more in depth than just on habit that brings me joy. Habits make us or break us in life. Good habits, healthy habits will carry us through life and make life easier, whereas, bad habits will make life more difficult, or even shorten it.

  1. Hanging out with my pets. There is nothing simpler, yet eminently rewarding as spending time with a cherished pet. Animals can be the absolute best of companions, whether it is a reptile, dog, cat or some other creature, it is tough to beat spending some quality time with a pet.
  2. Attending graduation for my students – Watching my students graduate each year brings me immense joy and pride. I feel fulfilled, knowing that I helped many of the young people in the graduating class each year reach their goal.
  3. Watching Netflix with my Girlfriend – It is always nice to know that no matter what my day throws at me, I can always come home, take a load off, and spend time with my loving woman.
  4. Exercise – Exercise brings me great exhilaration, especially when reaching new pinnacles of fitness. The best thing is, exercise doesn’t usually cost anything except some blood, sweat, and tears.
  5. Golfing with Friends – Golfing with friends, especially as I have gotten older has become very engaging for me. There isn’t a much better time to be had, then heading out to the links for some golf with buddies.

These are some of my habits that bring me joy. What are some of the things that bring you joy? Thanks for reading: Five Habits That Bring Me Joy on Bunchiesblog. Check out some of my other recent articles below.


7 responses to “Five Habits That Bring Me Joy”

  1. Quite an interesting read. May you always keep alive your five habits that give you happiness. Come what may…

    1. It is what keeps me sane. Know what I mean?

  2. Hanging out with my pets keeps my sanity!

  3. glad that there is joy in your world

    1. No problem! It makes me happy to do so!

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