Local Cats Confused

Two orange cats (who share the same five brain cells according to their owner), stare blankly at the bronze hummingbirds on the wall. When interviewed after J.T. a.k.a Justin Turner (the large Bengal cat) said he was ready just in case those hummingbirds got loose. He has been hunting them from inside the house for close to two years but no success yet. Danieres Stormborn a.k.a. Dani (smaller orange cat), simply said that she supports J.T.’s dream of someday catching a hummingbird, metal or not. She also was slightly worried about J.T.’s mental stability should he not catch a hummingbird soon. See full picture below.

2 responses to “Local Cats Waiting for Bronze Hummingbirds to Come to Life”

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  2. What a funny story about these two cats! It’s amazing how cats can be so determined even if it’s something impossible to achieve. I can relate to them in a way, because I’m sure we all have our own “hummingbird” dreams. I’m glad they have each other’s support and I’m sure they will eventually catch that hummingbird, even if it’s not the real one. Thanks for sharing, author!

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