Time With Parents Should be Cherished

I wish I had more time to spend with my parents….

The Best Advice I Ever Got Came From a Friend a Long Time Ago

The Best Advice I Ever Got Came From a Friend a Long Time Ago…

New Experience Human Connection Fuel Inspiration

New experiences and enpathy can fuel inspiration….

Five Best Albums of All-Time….Prove me Wrong (Version 2)!

My Top 5 Albums of all time. What are yours?

Artificial Intelligence and Technology in General Fascinate Me

I think the main topics I would like to be more informed about would be artificial intelligence and technology in general….

An Ode to Music

An ode to music, a short poem musing on a life potentially without music…

Time With the Family is Always Best

Holidays are always fun. Being an educator, it is quite a luxury to have all the school holidays off.

Has Anyone Else Failed at Cooking Top Ramen?

The list is long WordPress….most epic fail would be when I almost burned the house down making Top Ramen…..

Message to me from the past: Stop Burning Bridges

Share a lesson you wish you had learned earlier in life. I wish I had learned the importance of not burning bridges at a younger age. I moved around a lot in my late teens early twenties and got accustomed to having lots of fresh faces around. Many times, I did not give relationships around…

Warning: Reading This Blog May Lead to Instant Food Cravings – My Top 5 Picks

This list has shifted a bit since I have gone more plant based diet….


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